Jul 7, 2022

Tips & Advice

Sharing a Scorecard

InterviewTime is built to be super collaborative, so there are a couple of ways to share a candidate's scorecard with other people.

Share within your team

If you’re a part of a team of interviewers and your role is Interviewer, admin of your team as well as hiring manager and recruiter will be able to see all your scorecards. However, if you’re in the role of Hiring ManagerRecruiter or Admin your scorecards are only visible to the same groups: Hiring ManagerRecruiter or Admin.

Share outside your team

Anyone can share their own candidate scorecards with people who don’t use InterviewTime. In addition to their own scorecards, hiring managers can share scorecards of others interviewers from their team. Anyone with the link will be able to see it.

Click ‘Share’ button in the right top corner of a scorecard you want to share.

By default, public access is disabled for all scorecards. To generate a public link and copy to clipboard, click ‘Create and copy link’ button on the popup.

Only people with the scorecard’s unique URL will be able to see it. Here is the example of the public readonly scorecard page:

Stop sharing

You can disable public access to your scorecard at any time. Simply click ‘Share’ button in the top right corner of your scorecard and switch off the public link.

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