Mar 15, 2022

Tips & Advice

Creating a Team of Interviewers

To ensure that there is always someone available to interview a candidate you need multiple interviewers. Otherwise, your hiring process will run slowly if only one person is involved in interviewing candidates. You'll be forced to interview the candidates at a single specified time or poll the applicants and wait for the preferred date and time to arise. 

Either way, you won't get all interviews done on time, making your job of finding top talent much harder.

Invite team members by email

With InterviewTime you can create a team of interviewers by inviting them via email. Team settings page has Invite your team section where you can invite a team member by entering their email and specifying their role.

The user receives the invitation email where they can accept the invite by clicking on the Accept Invitation button. If they don’t have an account with InterviewTime, they will be asked to sign up. Once inside the platform, they will be automatically added to the team!

Keep all interview assets in one place. Make your interview process consistent.