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Centralized Interview Space

Keep all your interview assets like question templates, coding tests and notes in one place.

Interviewer Score ™

Minimize bias and evaluate candidates objectively using star ratings. Get a single score for each stage of the interview process.

Automated reporting

Cleaning up notes after each interview can be a nightmare. Now you can generate candidate feedback with one click.

Interview insights

Get helpful tips on how to improve interview process.

Live collaboration

Collaborate with your co-interviewer in the interview workspace - so you both stay on the same page during the interview.

Interview Templates Library

No time to prepare interview questions? Get access to a growing library of ready-made question templates.
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📝 Dedicated interview workspace

Better organization

Keep all your interview resources like question templates, coding assignments, whiteboard challenges and candidate notes in one place.
🗂 Centralized interview templates

Collaborate with ease

Collaborate with other interviewers to create and maintain unified question templates for your team.
Interview collaboration
Interview candiadte score
📊 Standardized scoring

Assess faster and smarter

Use star rating for every question to easily assess candidates during an interview.
🔔 Checklists and reminders

Prepare with confidence

Interview checklists and reminders help you stay on top of your interview preparation.
Interview checklist
Interview scorecard templates
🗂 Centralized interview templates

Interview consistency

All interviewers have access to the same interview templates. That ensures interview consistency as well as reduces bias.
💯 Comprehensive candidate view

Candidate profile

Easily identify strong and weak skills of the candidates and select the right one for the team or project.
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Recruitment tools
🔗 Integration with ATS tools

Workflow integration

Integrate InterviewTime with your existing ATS tool to make the hiring workflow smoother.
📊 Analytics and reporting

Interview insights

Get actionable insights to improve each stage of the interview process.
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How it works?

Select template

Interview templates, curated by us, community or your organisation.

Assess the candidate

A scorecard mechanism helps you to capture granular feedback.

Generate an instant report

Make a data-driven hiring decision with automated reporting.
Interactive product demo so you can try it before signing up.

Streamline your hiring process

We help interviewers to effectively assess candidates and make a confident hiring decision.
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