Track candidates, run interviews and manage interviewers.
All in one platform.

Hiring and interviewing platform where recruiters and interviewers work together to find best candidates and reduce time to hire.

Interviewing and hiring platform for tech companies

Track candidates

Get complete visibility of your candidates pipeline.

Run interviews

Interview templates elevate interviewing experience to a new level.

Manage interviewers

Keep track of available interviewers, their experience level, and skills.


Complete candidate visibility

All the candidate information is at your fingertips

Candidate overview

Instantly see what stage each of your candidates is at.

Candidate information like CV, email, and location is easily accessible via the candidate profile.

Bring your own ATS

If you use Applicant Tracking System you can easily integrate with InterviewTime and keep the candidates’ data in sync.

We currently support 36 ATS integrations.


Structured job interviews

Predefined interview templates help interviewer prepare and run consistent interviews

Take Home Assignment

Ask canndidate to complete an assignment and return the results.

Live Coding Challenge

Evaluate candidates' code across several criteria.

Technical Q/A

Ask questions from different competence areas.

No more inconsistent interviews

Interviewers use predefined interview templates for all types of interviews. These templates define competence areas and interview questions that guide interviewers during their interviews.

Assess faster and smarter

Use star ratings during candidate assessment that form the basis for a candidate score.

Unbiased hiring decision

Candidates’s score lets you easily compare candidates and their competence areas.

One platform, many solutions

A platform that brings together recruiters and interviewers


Track candidates and coordinate interviews.

Hiring Managers

Define interview templates and compare candidates.


Assess candidates in an efficient way with less time.


Manage Interviewers

Keep track of available interviewers, their experience level, and skills

Pick the right interviewer

No more messy spreadsheets when managing a panel of interviewers. 

InterviewTime gives you an overview of available interviewers, their skills, and how busy they are - so you can pick the right interviewer for the right interview.

Interviewers training

The platform automatically pairs shadowers and more experienced interviewers. 

Interviewers earn badges for the number of interviews they conducted and how quickly they submit feedback.

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